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Woman Gets $100 Fine By HOA After Car Leaves Penis Shape In Snow

"Out Of Concern For Our Younger Residents."

March 01, 2019 - 8:37 am

(WWJ) Homeowners' associations can be a mixed blessing: Beautiful neighborhoods with perfectly-groomed lawns are nice to live in, but the rules it takes to maintain that perfection can be ... difficult.

Case in point: A woman says her HOA tried to fine her $100 because her car left a penis-shaped shadow in the snow underneath it.

Huh? It's a truth stranger than fiction.

The homeowner in Tennessee, named Kathryn, said she got the fine attached to a letter that indicated there was an issue with her car. It didn't go further. She pushed for more information, knowing she hadn't broken any rules.  

'Finally after a few back and forth emails, they simply send us a picture 'describing the problem,' Kathryn told Daily Mail. 

When the photo arrived, Kathryn said she almost 'died laughing.'

'This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of being fined for, and we flat out told them we weren't paying,' she said.

The association told her one of her neighbours had sent the photo to the association 'out of concern for our younger residents'.

Kathryn emailed the association back, saying there was absolutely no way she was going to pay, and there were no "bylaws making sexual snow-shapes an offense."

Eventually, after much  back and forth the HOA replied to Kathryn to apologise and dropped the fine.

'We understand. We will not be pursuing this further, in good faith pursuant to the wording of the by-laws,' read the final email from the HOA.