Woman Violently Pushes Elderly Man Off Bus When He Asks Her To Be Nicer [VIDEO]

He later died from his injuries.

May 15, 2019 - 11:38 am

(WWJ) Neighbors, friends and family describe him as warm and loving, but to the perpetrator he must have just been an old man, and he had chided her for bad behavior on the bus they were sharing.

Her response was to shove the man -- hard -- off the bus. Her arms are a blur they move so fast.

The video is going viral. But what is there to say about it? It looks like evil, the helpless against the rage filled, a bully exacting sneaky revenge. Cadesha Bishop, 25, allegedly shoved Serge Fournier off the steps of the bus and onto the pavement when he objected to her cursing out other passengers. Leaning on his walker, he asked her to "be nicer." She killed him instead. 

Police say the victim, Fournier, suffered numerous injuries when his head cracked on the sidewalk. He was holding tight to his walker so his face was unbuffered from the cement. He later died from his injuries.

For her part, Bishop,  allegedly grabbed her child and nonchantly walked away, never once looking back to see if the man was OK.

He wasn't.

Bishop was later found, identified by her clothes and her child's backpack. Experts expect her to be charged with murder

Detectives would like to speak anyone present during this incident, which happened on March 21 near Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, a hot vacation spot for Detroiters and others from around the country. Anyone with information should call detectives at 702-828-3521.