WWJ Reporter's Windshield Smashed By Pipe-Wielding Man While Covering Fatal Crash In Detroit

August 02, 2018 - 6:49 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - A man is under arrest after attacking two Detroit news vehicles that were on assignment on the city's west side.

WWJ Reporter Mike Campbell was out covering a fatal pedestrian crash at Dexter and Davison around 6 a.m. Thursday when the suspect approached the WWJ News car. As Campbell was in the middle of a live shot, the suspect struck the windshield and driver's side window with a metal baton, shattering both. 

"I had put the windows up because I had started my report and I saw the man, but he seemed to be just walking by in front of the truck. He was saying stuff but I put the windows up because I didn't want our listeners to hear his foul words and then he apparently, just, something angered him, he turned around and attacked the news truck," Campbell said.

The incident was captured live on WWJ. 

The suspect also vandalized a news van from WXYZ-TV, shattering its windows and knocking off a side view mirror. 

"Then the man walked off and apparently was smashing other vehicles as he walked down Dexter," Campbell said.

Police quickly responded to the scene and located the suspect, who was taken into custody after officers used a Taser three times. 

"He was yelling not only obscenities but racial things at me and the Channel 7 photographer and he was obviously angry about something," Campbell said. "He was disturbed."

The situation was undoubtedly tense, but Campbell said he was prepared after spending several years in the field covering similar incidents. 

"You're in a vehicle, I mean, you can get away, and the man was on foot. So there was an out, you always prepare yourself or leave yourself an out when you're covering these stories," he said. "I knew I could get out but I was live with you guys and I didn't want to just throw it into gear and drive off. So, it was kind of a situation of what do you do next and by then it was already happening."

No one was injured.

"There's glass shards all inside the vehicle. I tried to take a sip of my coffee, there's glass in that as well," Campbell said with a laugh. "But no physical harm to me, just damage to the vehicle."

Charges against the suspect are now pending.