Manistee River

A view of the Manistee River (Dreamstime)

Young Michigan Woman Entangled In Fishing Line, Rescued From River

July 27, 2018 - 2:27 pm

MANISTEE (WWJ) - A 22-year-old West Michigan woman is doing fine after a life-saving rescue on the fast-flowing Manistee River.

Lt. John Jurcich of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says Elisabeth Aldridge of Montague walked away with only some minor cuts and scrape following the incident in northern lower Michigan's Manistee County.

"The young lady and a group of friends were swimming in the river and continued moving on downriver to an area that continued to get deeper and the current was swifter. Eventually they were pulled in to deeper water, and what led to the incident was being pinned against a log in the current," Jurcich told WWJ's Jason Scott.

"What happened, unfortunately, is that this particular log that she was swept against happened to be tangled in a large amount of fishing line and hooks," he said. "And that's what immediately madc the situation much worse."

Aldridge became trapped with her head barely above water, Jurcich said, and was unable to free herself 

A pair of patrolling DNR officers, Sam Koscinski and Scott Macneill, maneuvered their boat through the fast-flowing water, cut the fishing line and pulled the woman to safety. 

"It's a difficult and dangerous river, and that's where she was," said Jurcich, "and luckly, it worked out very well."

Jurcich reminds swimmers that things happen fast in big rivers with current. The public is urged to use caution.