Miller's Bar Listed As One Of The Best Burger Joints In America

31 restaurants made the list, and only one is from Michigan.

April 05, 2018 - 3:16 pm

By @GeorgeJFox

According to a recently released list from Thrillist, Miller's Bar in Dearborn is one of "The 31 Best Burger Joints In America".

Redcoat gets a mention, but that's the only Michigan establishment to make the list.

Don't forget to bring cash if you plan to visit. (23700 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124)

The description of Miller's Bar reads,

In the years since 1947, a lot has changed in the Detroit area, but through thick and thin, one thing has remained a constant: the burger at Miller’s Bar. You want some fancy burger variant? Go to Redcoat, yuppie. Here you get a perfectly cooked medium burger with a slab of Velveeta and white onions stacked on a steamed bun that barely holds its own against the cascade of magnificent juice and cheese product that erupts with each bite. It’s served “commando style” on wax paper at a joint where you order at the bar and nobody keeps track of what you had. They still have the honor system. And they still don’t take kindly to stupid questions. Nor do they have to. When you’ve spent the better part of a century adhering unflinchingly to what you’ve been doing right all along, you do things as you please.

Did another Michigan place deserve to make the list?

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