Pat Vitale


My life certainly has changed since my early days in radio. After graduating from Bowling Green State University in 1984, I jumped into the news business at WSPD in Toledo. I had big dreams of traveling the world as a foreign correspondent or sitting at the anchor desk with Dan Rather (Connie Chung got that job, for a short time!).

But after moving to Columbus, OH and eventually Detroit, my priorities changed. I met my husband and the family grew. We feel so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy and rambunctious little boys. Ravi and Deven keep us on our toes as they fill our home with loud giggles mixed with a few screams here and there…from them and us!

We also are the proud parents of two little girls. Sable and Rupee came to us from local shelters and are so happy to be in a loving family. How much do our boys love their “sisters”? Deven’s first word was, “doggy”! My family fills my life, but in between I love gardening. I’m far from opening my yard to a garden tour, but it is fun to dream!