BHM - Historical places in Michigan - Baxter family home on Detroit's Eastside

WWJ Plus
Thursday, February 7th
Daniel Baxter's parents purchased the historic home at 2905 Garland Street from Dr. Ossian Sweet in 1958. He says he had a normal childhood growing up in the home at the corner of Charlevoix on Detroit's eastside. And Baxter is well versed on life in Detroit at that time when Henry Ford offered $2 a day to factory workers. Housing was one of the issues. Blacks were met by angry mobs when they tried to move into white neighborhoods. Such was the case when Dr. Sweet moved into the home on Garland street. All 11 people in the Sweet house were arrested. The trial ended in a hung jury. The home has a national & a state historical marker. The city obtaining a half million dollar grant to preserve history.