MLK Day Peace Walk
Photo: Charlie Langton / WWJ
WWJ News
January 20, 2020 - 12:04 pm
There are countless other celebrations throughout metro Detroit.
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Wayne State Students
In this Jan. 16, 2020 photo, Nicholas Thomas, left, and Joe Wright, right, prepare school safety signs as part of the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program at Wayne State University's Center for Urban Studies. (AP Photo/Corey Williams)
Associated Press
January 20, 2020 - 10:22 am
More than 100 volunteers will board up vacant houses, install school safety signs and make other improvements to a Detroit neighborhood.
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January 20, 2020 - 9:00 am
Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an opportunity for many families to relax over a long weekend, but there are many ways for citizens across major American cities to actively honor the man for whom the holiday is named. At parades, concerts and other events, people gather to mark the life and work of...
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January 20, 2020 - 8:00 am
Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the third Monday of January every year, but each holiday comes and goes with many celebrants knowing little about the holiday or how we ended up celebrating it the way we do. If you’d like to know more about MLK Day, here’s everything you need to...
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