Norma Allbritton
In this undated booking photo provided Wednesday, July 10, 2019, by the Leon County, Texas, Sheriff's Office is 84-year-old Norma Allbritton. (Leon County, Texas, Sheriff's Office via AP)
July 10, 2019 - 2:41 pm
The death of Johnnie Allbritton in the couple's home near Buffalo was revisited in 2015 by sheriff's investigators.
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 Jonathan Francis Stahl
Jonathan Francis Stahl (Booking photo)
June 14, 2019 - 2:58 pm
No motive for the killing has been disclosed.
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George Rider, Marcie Griffin, Eric Gibson.
Left to right: George Rider, Marcie Griffin, Eric Gibson. (Booking photos)
June 07, 2019 - 5:06 pm
“This entire murder came about because of one woman’s enraged jealousy!”
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Damerious Robert Church
Damerious Robert Church (Photo: Ingham County Sheriff's Office)
June 04, 2019 - 3:33 pm
Bond was set at $25,000 at an arraignment Tuesday.
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Stephanie Lynette Southwell
Stephanie Lynette Southwell (Photo: Eaton Rapids Police Department)
May 22, 2019 - 2:05 pm
Authorities have said they are investigating the case as a homicide.
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James Cockerham
James Cockerham appears view video feed for his arraignment. (Photo: Jon Hewett/WWJ)
May 20, 2019 - 3:28 pm
After police released video of the suspect, police received tips from the public and the alleged killer was identified.
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White castle shooting
(Photo: Charlie Langton/WWJ)
May 20, 2019 - 1:39 pm
His girlfriend testified that she was in a car outside the restaurant and saw and heard everything.
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Photos: Detroit Police
May 17, 2019 - 3:02 pm
Have you seen this man?
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Francisca Vargas-Castillo and Leobardo Torres-Castillo
Francisca Vargas-Castillo, left, and Leobardo Torres-Castillo (credit: Sanilac County Sheriff's Office)
May 09, 2019 - 11:17 am
ICE said both defendants, as well as the victim, were from Mexico.
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 Lakeisha Hawkins
Lakeisha Hawkins (Photo: Oakland County Sheriff's Office)
May 07, 2019 - 2:55 pm
Lanard "LA" Curtaindoll dissipated in late November of last year.
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